Moonrise Kingdom ★★★★★

It is difficult for me to review Wes Anderson films because I have been biased in their favour ever since seeing "Bottle Rocket" for the first time. Even with that bias, I did not expect to enjoy "Moonrise Kingdom" as much as I did. Everything about this film is pitch-perfect, from the trademark style and dialogue to the performances Anderson somehow wrung from two youthful leads.

Something I appreciate about Anderson's films in general and this one in particular is that his protagonists acknowledge the darkness and cynicism in the world around them but do not allow it to corrupt their imaginations. They grow, and grow up, but something at their core remains that I am loathe to label something as reductive as "innocence". If anything, it is the wisdom unclouded by self-doubt that we marvel at in children but are too embarrassed to carry forward ourselves.