Knight of Cups ★★

It was round about the point when Natalie Portman stuck her big toe in Christian Bale's mouth that any suspicions that Terrence Malick was taking the piss were confirmed.

If you thought Olga Kurylenko's spinning act in To The Wonder was grating, brace yourselves. This is absolute tosh, an airy and fanciful snore that sees Malick at his most shallow, both thematically and stylistically. (Hollywood is a soul-withering cesspool? *insert Nicolas Cage 'You don't say' meme here*)

Lubezki gives it an ethereal glow, but Bale, Blanchett et al look beyond bored. The film rambles on for two hours, but little happens and even less is said (whispered, really) that feels in any way profound or meaningful. Another decades-long sojourn for the director might be called for.

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