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  • Naked
  • The Thing
  • The Descent
  • Van Helsing

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  • František Palacký Monument Prior to Its Completion


  • The Lonedale Operator

  • Egg


  • But Milk Is Important

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  • Noční děs

    Noční děs


    quite morbid and quite funny, I really liked it even though you can see the ending from a mile away

  • The Lonely Villa

    The Lonely Villa


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  • Annette



    This movie... was a lot. For most of the time I couldn't believe to what I was seeing. I really liked some of the technical aspects of the movie but I can't say I really liked the movie itself. I do think it presents some interesting questions but they're never fully explored or even fully presented to the viewer. I'm really not sure what this movie is going for or what am I supposed to get out of it as…

  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    This is so silly but for what? The movie tries to be self-aware but only sometimes and it contains many jokes of course, the problem is most of them are not funny. Black Widow or Natasha has a pretty interesting background story but instead of focusing on that they decided to spend most of the time on yet another generic plot-line with generic villains. I guess I just grew out of these movies because I don't even have fun watching them anymore. At least this one.