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  • The Snowman

    The Snowman


    How can a team with this much talent turn out such a mediocre product? Top shelf crew deliver third rate serial killer flick with standard emotionally unavailable detective and an abundance of monstrous behavior directed entirely at women. And it's dull, and mostly arbitrary. I can only assume Alfredson loves something about the original source material, but whatever it is he failed to sell it in this adaptation.

    Also... Harry Hole? Really?

    Locations are great, and Thelma manage to squeeze a couple of great edits in there. Otherwise: yikes.

  • The Big Bus

    The Big Bus


    I remembered this being a lot funnier, but then again I was probably 12 when I saw this last. Sub-par Airplane! rip-off, with the humor heavily in Mel Brooks' corner rather than Zucker/Abrahams'...

    Two stars because I still like the way I remembered it

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  • Precious



    This is just an awful movie, made by somebody with contempt for cinema, apparently. Poverty porn for people who like hand-wringing in the comfort of their sitting room instead of actual change in the lives of others...

  • The Master

    The Master


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    By far my favorite alcoholic movie, and my favorite movie about Scientology, or brainwashing, or alcohol-fueled fantasizing... It's a bromance, it's an odyssey of sorts, and most certainly it's a stunning piece of cinema. But I'll have to get back to you about what's it's ultimately about.

    I mean, what was real and what wasn't? Did Quell dream the whole thing in a stupor, lying on that beach? Dodd was most certainly the comforting breast Quell needed, but without all…