The Thirteenth Floor ★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

The production design and cinematography is first rate - just a beautiful movie to look at. But I'm not a fan of Craig Bierko in this (though I forgive him for playing an unentertaining Dave Lister in one of the Red Dwarf US pilots), and frankly once you find out the big reveal in the final stages of the story, I kind of stop caring about the characters. It's only about then I realize the movie is _actually_ about the Bierko's character and Gretchen Mol's, which might've worked if it had been set up better...

An interesting, if not startlingly original idea that suffers from a focus on the wrong aspects of the story.

Funny to realize this came out the same year as The Matrix, which knocked the virtual worlds concept out of the park...

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