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  • Moontrap



    An odd and ambitious film. Walter Koenig of Star Trek fame, and Bruce Campbell of Bruce Campbell fame, in a B-Movie remix of 'Inherit the Stars'. In the blu-ray release Koenig's makeup is really caked on there and he looks like a terrifying clown from certain angles.

    Some of the matte and model work is genuinely great. Giant derelict spaceships, a haunting ancient moonbase, and some cool Hardware style self repairing robots that occasionally use human body parts to fill…

  • God of Love

    God of Love


    First a disclaimer, I hate jazz.

    Caught this short film last night, and was absolutely bowled over by it. A brilliant story, elegant cinematography, perfect performances, and just so deliberately 'quirky'. But not deliberately 'quirky' in a Zach Braff way. I didn't wish for anyone involved in this to fall down a flight of stairs. This is deliberately 'quirky' in a good way.

    Now for the jazz.

    This film has jazz in it, and as well all know jazz is…

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  • Any Questions for Ben?

    Any Questions for Ben?

    What the hell is this time dilating mess of a film?

    I'll grant you it is occasionally funny, but only very infrequently. We'll discus why that infrequency is such an issue in a moment. But first the good, of which there is some, although statistically there isn't.

    There is a moment near the beginning when Rob Sitch is on screen that it shines. And there is a scene that runs over the credits that's kind of okay too.

    But the…

  • Tower Heist

    Tower Heist


    I was genuinely surprised at how endearing a film this is.  

    Tower Heist doesn't aim particularly high but it does tread it's familiar ground with an elegant confidence.  It's a nuts and bolts heist movie for sure, to the point of being utilitarian, but it also has the air of an honest craftsman about it.

    Ben Stiller plays Ben Stiller, from all those other Ben Stiller movies. Eddie Murphy is the guy from 'Beverly Hills Cop'.  Matthew Broderick is the…