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This review may contain spoilers.

My 1000th logged movie...disappointed me.
And it has a 3.7 rating on Letterboxd.
I feel so alone.

To be honest, Us has a ton of great ideas: there’s nothing that scares me more than seeing people standing still in complete silence, and the first half of the movie really caught my attention, even if it was full of really cheesy symbolism (that 11:11 on the clock and the shot of the shadows of the protagonists on the beach made me laugh out loud) and exposition dumps. 
Then, after the villains break into the house, everything kinda falls apart.

Just like I said in my review of Get Out, the thing that bothers me more of Jordan Peele’s style is the humor. Every scene in the movie with the villains is either funny for the wrong reason (the scene where Gabe is getting chased by Tex) or scary, but it’s ruined by a joke or a snarky quip. And the thing is, you can do a good horror comedy! Attack the Block is a perfect example: in that film, the aliens are a threat that must be exterminated, but the protagonists are stoned teenagers who must fight back using their scarce resources, like bats and fireworks, and that makes for some great comedy! Here, everyone is a cartoon character!

“Please tell me you didn’t just reference Home Alone.”
Kill me.

It also bothered me that the Tethered had no rules, they could kinda do whatever. Their mission is to kill their counterparts, but they take their time...sometimes? They have a mind of their own, but they mimic their counterparts...sometimes? Are they clones? Are they evil twins? Are they both? Do they represent the duality of mankind? Do they represent the proletariat? It's a mish-mash of different themes presented in the most confusing way possible. That ending surely doesn’t save the film, that’s some shitty Shyamalan twist right there.

It’s really a shame this didn’t click with me, because it has its moments overall. The performances are great, especially Lupita, who is giving her 110%. Oh well.

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