Professor Marston and the Wonder Women ★★★★

Watch 'D.E.B.S.' and you'll be a bit more prepared for the kinky, hokey, unabashedly sentimental hand Angela Robinson brings to this.

Broad, busty, beautiful gratification cinema, sent to validate our most guarded fringe desires and lead us joyously on the path to embracing them. The first hour is a particularly delicate interplay of gazes, Evans' boyishly excited, Heathcote's bright & embracing, Hall's cautious, caustically discerning. Rebecca Hall particularly shines as an ambitious, embittered intellectual struggling to balance her dreams and desires against a world that's only served to dash them. I could go on about how it loses its punch, its sensual specificity, its intelligent wit, in its final stretches, but this was such a wholeheartedly rewarding emotional experience that I'll happily let my most critical reservations subside so I may further submit to its rich sexual and ideological pleasures.

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