A Walk in the Woods ★★½

Film 3 of the September 17 Scavenger Hunt #30

Task 16. A film that is more adventure than action

This was a pretty basic movie. Mildly entertaining but never truly succeeding in any of the elements it seems to be trying for.

The scenes which one assumes are the "action" scenes (bears; rivers; cliff falls) are all quite short and mundane. The more introspective elements are bland and generic. The humour feels watered down and perfunctory.

I haven't read A Walk in the Woods yet but I did read a couple of Bryson's early books and it is his style in his description of events that is so filled with humour.

This is a prime example of why certain styles of writing just don't translate well into film.

These actors should all be spending their time on far more fun or challenging projects.