Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★½

Cambridge Cinema Club Screening 26

I honestly thought I'd seen this before. The story, the characters and certain key scenes I've seen before and known about for years.

So imagine my surprise when I realised about 15 minutes in that I'd never seen the whole of Raiders before?!

Which makes me doubly happy that I went to this screening at the Arts Picturehouse.

Not only was it my first full viewing but it was of a 70mm print in a really nice cinema. Which meant I really got to appreciate it.

The action kicks off almost immediately and there are several set pieces throughout, all of which keep you on the edge of your seat.

The music is brilliant, exciting until the moment it needs to be calm, and then it is beautiful (though I was surprised at times just how reminiscent of the Star Wars soundtrack certain parts were).

The performances are all great fun, with Harrison Ford showing exactly why he became such a big star and Karen Allen is absolutely brilliant. Marion is an excellent character to go up against Indy and I have to say seeing her here makes me a little less enamoured with Temple of Doom. While I always found Kate Capshaw's Willie Scott good fun, seeing what we lost in Marion Ravenwood is a real shame. While she may not be as much of a female action hero as we have these days, I'd say she's pretty damn impressive for an 80's 'heroine'.

Finally the plot.

It rolls along nicely, with a few scenes here and there to break up the action and give the actors a chance to shine and the characters to develop. This i done pretty well and certainly the relationships between Sallah and Indy and between Indy and Marion are entertaining and involving.

Overall this was a really nice surprise. Not because my expectations were low exactly, but because I was expecting some kind of unmemorable amalgam of Temple and Crusade.

Highly recommended to all.

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