The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★½

After watching the first Godfather, I had high expectations for the sequel. Almost everywhere I could read that the sequel was as good or even better than the first one. I would like to make a note of that. I certainly like them both in terms of film. That's for sure. Still, I don't think there's enough story of 'contemporary events' in the sequel. In my opinion, it focuses a little too much on Vito's past. This is personal, of course. The parts I really remember from the sequel are the parts with De Niro. But of course the sequel is not a bad picture!

They couldn't find a better actor than De Niro for the role of Vito. I really love to see him play a role in Little Italy (New York City), the place where he grew up, just like in Mean Streets. What's the chance to do things like that?

Despite the little flaws, it remains a masterpiece, just like the first one. You really drown into the picture and you want to be a part of it yourself. On to the third and final part.