Django Unchained ★★★★★

A film with so much style and emotional weight. The visuals and the way everything is shot captures the feel of classic westerns while putting that Taratino twist on it. The action is just insane and the score is amazing. It perfectly represents the horrors of slavery and human evil while still giving out some hope and even having some pretty funny comedy. But by faf the best thing in this movie is the characters.

Django is such a great character. You get to feel his struggle perfectly showed by the opening scene and as the movie goes on you begin to understand how much of a good person he is deep down but has lived a life of nothing but misery being a slave and watching him grow from this miserable nothing slave into this badass bounty hunter fighting back against the slave owners m
and white people who have done such horrible acts to him in so satisfying.

His relationship with Schultz is great. The two have so much chemistry and Schultz inacts as the mentor figure of the story taking our main protagonist on his journey and he has so much heart and you genuinely care as much about him as you do Django. This is the best form of the mentor figure i have seen done in a movie or show.

Broomhilda is the perfect love interest. You barely even see the relationship with her and Django or even know anything about her as a character and that's fine. Just through how much Django talks about and cares about her you already feel attached and care about him saving her. Also the scene with them kissing is the classic western feeling thing in the entire movie and i love it.

Calvin Candie is such a great villain. He is the perfect representation of the evil and racism rich plantation running slave owners that once lived.

Stephen is the main villain in the grand scheme of things. He is the complete opposite to Django. Django is someone who rebels against his oppressors and cares deeply for his loved ones and will kill anyone who stands in his way. Stephen is a slave just like him but worked his way to the top and sucked up to his owners by putting his brothers and sisters in dirt becoming just as evil if not more evil than Candie or any other slave owner.

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