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  • Torso



    "Torso", -recent Blue ed. of the complete italian cut- the last giallo directed by Martino in the 70's, is usually paired with Bava's "Bay of Blood" as early precursor of the slasher storm (even if likely indebted and feeling closer to Fleischer's "See no evil").

    "Boy meets girl" tweaked and saturated by repetition into "Boy kills girl", slasher films are the zero degree of the crime/horror scene: the fun spot to erase silly compromises and go in full experimental mode.…

  • The Outfit

    The Outfit


    Likely the best pic made out of Richard Stark material (aka. Donald Westlake - try "Adios Scheherazade", his experimental book, if you have the chance!!). "Made in USA", a bad joke, or "Point Blank"- somehow not that far from this (same character, "Parker", under disguise) but more of a reflection on genre with an almost abstract treatment (Antonioni influenza was starting to show in Hollywood)...

    John Flynn, with great actors and concrete scenes, delivers a solid slow burn 70's crime…

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  • The Strangler

    The Strangler


    Oh nuit
    Cache ma peine
    Elle est de n’être rien
    Et de vivre

    This one is the most "generic" invention of Vecchiali, a film with too many fathers (Hitch, Fleischer, the "Giallo", Clouzot/Chabrol) and without sons.

    If the "giallo" appears as the framework from the very beginning, the easy solution for the public and the killer soon falls apart: the killer losing his will, the cop his reason, the plot his consistency, while the victims doubt between life or destiny,…

  • The Hateful Eight

    The Hateful Eight


    If "Death Proof" was QT grindhouse "À bout Souffle", this would like to be his grindhouse "Mépris"?
    Pretty ambitious, bad luck for him a restored copy of "Day of the Oulaw" being released by Eureka just a couple of weeks before his pic (when "Il Grande Silenzio"?), showing the difference between true cinema and a mashup fanzine aptly made!! :D