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  • Pinocchio
  • The Passion of Joan of Arc
  • Mirror
  • An Autumn Afternoon

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  • Two Suns

  • Within Mirrors

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  • Navalny

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  • The Cat Returns

    The Cat Returns


    You never fully wake from a pleasant dream. Now there's always talk in that familiar vein of authenticity and agency as if this is gonna be the dreamer's line of defense, but she's whisked into and out of fantasy land without much bother about will. It's not so much belief in one's self as the cliché goes but rather acceptance of what comes that resolves the highschool anxiety. And acceptance is in absurdity, or rather mystery; a beauty alive and…

  • The Hitcher

    The Hitcher


    It's in the desert, that empty between-place of freedom in possibility, where demons look to go enslaving. Highway drivers aren't so clearly real; they're more like passing phantoms on their way to the real, present only in possibility. And that's where your sweaty Rutger shadow is lying in wait, The Hitcher. Freedom's gone subject to sin no matter how vast the expanse because there's nothing and no-where this driver's tormentor can't manifest. Pleading and threatening just encourage the bastard, and…

Popular reviews

  • Making True Detective

    Making True Detective

    True Detective Season One is what you'd call didactic pulp for the anti-culture. It's “prestige TV” alright, a high-budget series (made cinematic by the occasional sweeping landscape shot) with pretensions to existential reflection, gaining critical acclaim from those critics who enjoy a little pseudo-Nietzsche and network-mandated softcore porn with their morbid cop thrillers. But the opening credits are the only great art about it—it's a groovy intro, probably outsourced to the same studio that does all of these moody slide-shows.…

  • Parasite


    Oh, another comedy-thriller class-warfare flick? I guess this is a genre now.

    If Maxim Gorky was here today, he might be disappointed by the progress of the World Communist Revolution, but he'd be quite pleased with our arthouse films. The bourgeoise-pig character can't stand the smell of those revolting proletariat characters, the bourgeoise-pig home is portrayed thousands of cinematic steps up from the proletariat basement-house, the built-up resentment of the proletariat must inevitably explode in violence. This is just social…