Oh, another comedy-thriller class-warfare flick? I guess this is a genre now.

If Maxim Gorky was here today, he might be disappointed by the progress of the World Communist Revolution, but he'd be quite pleased with our arthouse films. The bourgeoise-pig character can't stand the smell of those revolting proletariat characters, the bourgeoise-pig home is portrayed thousands of cinematic steps up from the proletariat basement-house, the built-up resentment of the proletariat must inevitably explode in violence. This is just social realism, bro. Are the myriad other redundant metaphors of class difference necessary to mention? Not really.

I do like how the supposed proletariat (more indolent-class than working-class) actually live a fairly decent life until they're devoured by their own bullshit. One could almost interpret the story as a moral against the building up of lies and resentment, but the Marxism is far too pronounced to take it any other way. It's a meaningless film with the pretense of meaning, fine-tuned to the tastes (and fetishes?) of the college-student materialist. There are some good gags, though.

2020 Edit: The massive success of this flick among social media types and the Academy, not to mention the ridiculous new Criterion release, perfectly exemplifies the ascendancy of the radical chic. I've changed my mind, Maxim Gorky would not be pleased with this; any old-school genocidal-slave-state intellectual such as he would despair at capitalism's comical co-opting of anti-capitalism.

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