Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas ★★

Wenders' morally confused, hyper-sentimental chick flicks wear the cloak of meditative arthouse, thus becoming dude flicks. Desert wandering, cross-country road trips, and L.A. cityscapes are all well and good until they lead to the womp-womp tale of woe delivered to us by stilted line-reading whose resolution is, well, irresponsibility and thoughtlessness. Going by your gut is not exactly a virtue, no matter how weepy the actors and audience get. Like many introspective films, there's little introspection to be had from the characters involved. Maybe that term just refers to flicks with enough run-time to allow for long pauses in dialogue, giving the audience time to think to themselves? Nature documentaries, then, are the most introspective films of all. In any case, our stoic Harry Dean Stanton really needs to hear the words of a young, viral sage, "When will you learn that your actions have consequences?"

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