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  • The Driller Killer

    The Driller Killer



    I disagree, instead I argue it should be played on mute, while you turn around and stare at the wall. This excessively tame video nasty lacks any real power or effect.

    Do yourself a favor and pass on this one.

  • Cult of Chucky

    Cult of Chucky


    A little convoluted, but I think it was just the right amount of convoluted for the seventh movie in a slasher series. At first I thought I was going to be bored, but I ended up having a great time! The story was different enough from the rest of the series without going too far over the top (a la Leprechaun in Space) that it was engaging and entertaining.

    Watch it if you love Chucky. It certainly does the series justice! Now if we can only erase Seed of Chucky off the face of the planet.

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  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad


    An extremely well shot and stylized movie that lacks in the plot and editing departments. My biggest issue with Suicide Squad is that it unfolds like an unhinged fan's super-edit of three other DC movies. The story has three distinct arcs that don't seem to mesh very well. The first being the Suicide Squad itself, the second is Harley Quinn and Joker's relationship, and the third being The Enchantress and Dr' Moone's storyline. I'm pretty sure that David Ayer filmed…

  • Raw



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Not a fan. Raw is very enigmatic for me, but not in the right ways. A few aspects of the movie stood out to me as pros or cons. What I did like about it was the general unnerving atmosphere throughout, the great performances from the actors, and fantastic cinematography. But, all that being said, the film seemed to be missing the mark on a few things. The plot had a few missing links and nonsense turns like the implication…