Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

I’d argue this is Tarantino at his most vulnerable. It’s certainly a more mature take than his other movies, and he’s supposedly at the twilight of his career. He detaches most of his classic tropes fans are used to appreciate, creating something that differs from usual expectations.

Yet it is still true to his identity. It’s slow and laidback, offering for sincere moments to breathe in the atmosphere and get sucked into Hollywood’s 1969. In most of his films he often shows his appreciation to the art of cinema, doing so with subtle references and overarching tones. While still sticking to that personality, Tarantino’s latest does even more by wishing to educate and inform on the 60’s culture of cinema, gratifying this in a more explicit and intimate way. 

The sceneries are immaculate and breathtaking, and his taste in music never stops growing. He also shares the influence of 60’s Hollywood that still feels true to current times. Starring Rick Dalton as the has-been A-list actor and Sharan Tate as the idealized symbol for Hollywood fame. This is Tarantino’s biggest love letter to cinema yet.

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