The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

To strip yourself from all your possessions and achieve a path of enlightenment. Jodorowsky’s challenging satire says a lot about taking art too seriously. With his slapstick humor and facetious tenor, you can sense some sort of frustration he feels with the way people are treating spirituality to a superficial extent. True meaning is lost when social constructs are fabricated for the intent of human flaws like greed and materialism. To Jodorowsky, politics are sluggish and managed by incompetents; religion is a product and used as a marketing tool; psychedelic drugs are romanticized and consumed for skin-deep experiences. At this point, what is heavily influential and meant to be special is no longer sacred and spiritual. When people are so familiar with misinterpreting these notions as a guide, they forget that it’s just a door. It’s your own purpose to explore beyond the things you’re exposed to — maybe revealing something much more vulnerable, but with a hope to exist and ultimately find your own answers. That is Jodorowsky’s way of defining immortality.

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