There Will Be Blood ★★★

This movie reminds me of the joker. In the way that when you watch it you get caught up in it and think it’s some great film, but when you leave you realize you just engaged in a three hour delicious not being burger. Great set pieces, acting, and dialogue. That leads up to nothing. Very enjoyable and interesting, but at the end of the day nothing with a faux insightful view of America. 

PTA had some lofty goals that he fails to achieve. You can’t just place the blood of Jesus and oil next to each other as some genius juxtaposition, perhaps there’s something there that could be interesting but placing them next to each other isn’t enough. The battle of religion vs capitalism isn’t nearly the genius he think it’s it is. 

The last 20 minutes flat out suck. Bring the film to a grinding halt and leaves you dissatisfied. The Wikipedia page for Howard Hughes is infinitely more interesting