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This review may contain spoilers.

director’s cut, 171-minutes

besides 24 minutes, there isn’t a whole lot different about midsommar. the theatrical cut is definitely a lot more lean and manages to get the same message across cleaner. that being said, i do really enjoy the additional scene between christian and dani that happens about halfway through. i don’t like it specifically for the film, i just think standalone it’s executed really well and is just impressive filmmaking using not much more than two actors.

i like that on a third watch i can just think about how funny this movie is without concern for my immersion being broken. christian getting clapped into another realm near the end when he politely asks the man next to him what’s going on is hilarious. mark walks very close to the edge of being a caricature but never over steps and i really think this is to credit to will poulter.

in this film that i enjoy very much- there is one thing that bothers me endlessly. the second time dani asks for a sleeping pill, she asks josh if she can “borrow” it!?! weird phrasing, like you’re gonna return it, dani? ok. 

yeah, i am gonna knock this down to a 4.5 but it does feel a bit unfair as this isn’t the same version of the film that i’ve seen twice and rated 5 twice before. so in spirit this film is a 5, just gotta stay true to my review. my ratings don’t mean a whole lot anyway, just a means of categorization. going forward i’ll probably only ever watch the theatrical cut too.

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