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This review may contain spoilers.

This is beyond a fantastic film. A lot of movies I watch and enjoy and a decent amount of them are very thought-provoking, but Mulholland Drive is on a whole other level. Not only is it incredibly enjoyable, but it's also an insane puzzle that will keep you thinking about it for months after watching. Naomi Watt's performance is excellent. I'd say the film does portray her character changing visually, but it's her acting that really shows how many different people she is throughout. After a second watch, I think I have figured out some aspects of it.

My Analysis:
It's my interpretation and I think many other people's that the whole first half was Diane's fantasy. I've heard some other interesting things but that's what I'm going to go with. The clues that back this up, is not only the fact that everything seems so artificial, but also that there are signs of the whole thing falling apart. A pretty obvious one is that the man in the chair towards the beginning wanted "everything to shut down". Some more specific ones are the weird technical dissolves after leaving Diane's apartment and the scene in the theater. The cowboy is a clear representation of Diane's faults and the bizarre recurring conflict of "this is the girl" was Diane not being able to accept that not everything goes right for her and also her jealousy for Camilla. Once she sees the director pick the other girl she goes running off back to Rita, where her fantasy is, where everything is her way. I understand that the key at the end is to show whether or not Camilla was assassinated but I am unclear about what the blue box represents. The tiny old people at the end kind of reminded me of Federico Fellini's 8 1/2 in a way. They represent the fact that life moves so fast and we can't sit and dwell on one thing or eventually the walls will close in on us.

I'm sure I haven't figured everything but whether I have or not, this will not be the first time I watch this. It's meaningful, funny, terrifying, weird and so much more. This is honestly the most brilliant, movie I've ever seen and it is my favorite film of all time.

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