Raw ★★★½

Hooptober 5 Film 19/31
7/6 Decades: 20s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 2000s, 2010s
1/2 Women directed films

This is quite impressive for a directorial debut. Using cannibalism as a sort of coming of age allegory is interesting and certainly makes the film stand out. Raw really looks great, with a lot of shocking, memorable scenes. While pretty much everything is done effectively, I think the acting is the most important piece of the puzzle here. The performances really sells what's happening in the film, and despite the way "literally eating human flesh" sounds anything but subtle, there's a transformation in the way the lead character acts that I really do think requires a subtle approach, and Garance Marillier nails it.

There's a surprisingly good portrayal of sibling relationships hidden in here too, in the way the two sisters can so naturally alternate being antagonistic to each other and then completely supporting and defending each other. I never really had siblings close enough to my age to feel like real siblings, but I think that's accurate to how a lot of them act.

I will say, though, despite a few standout scenes, I felt in the later parts of the film (post-cannibalism) that the plot was spinning its wheels a little bit. Still, I fully enjoyed it.

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