Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★

This is a pretty pleasant surprise, good thing I listened to the hype and caught this right before it left my local theater.

I'm quite impressed and happy with how unique the visual style here is. This movie throws a lot of disparate things together and somehow manages to make them work. The multiverse effects are especially cool. Though, I must say, I hate the amount of chromatic aberration and motion blur. I still loved the look as a whole, but I think it's no coincidence that I came out of the theater with a mild headache.

Visuals aside, Spider-Verse just succeeds at being the exciting, fun experience it wants to be, even for someone as harsh on this kind of action as I tend to be. It's a nice celebration of superheroes in a way that feels genuine, with a supporting cast that I mostly loved (not a fan of the pig but most people do seem to be). The plot absolutely follows typical structures of other superhero films, but it is executing them well, and I do think the multiverse is an inspired choice. The existence of parallel universes with different Spideys sort of reflects the comic book model, where several different, contradictory versions of superheroes already exist, which I think is pretty neat.

That said, these movies always do a little too much in the way of casting a wide net to appeal to everyone, so while I loved some of the humor, plenty of it fell flat as well. The meta references as jokes made me groan more than laugh.

I'd like a few more risks in storytelling and for the sequel to hurt my head a little less, but for what this is, it's lovely nonetheless.

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