BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

Despite feeling oddly flat at timesconsidering the vigor and poignancy of the subject matter, BlackKklansman is a blend of necessary reflection of the past and an immediate message to the present and even more so, the future. A message that seems out of place to need repeating. But it does need repeating. Over and over. The source of this recurrent need to remind audiences that the lives of black people are under threat, is demonstrated viscerally throughout BlackKklansman, most notably through both its hilarious AND horrifying irony. 

To anyone without horrific and unabated hatred in their heart, this film will remind you and reach you, in a quiet and surprising way. 

There aren’t scenes which could be claimed as contrived, but instead, the matter of fact-ness of what plays out on screen is the force that shoves you. Not to mention, the impossibly likeable leads John David Washington (playing Ron Stallworth) and Adam Driver (playing Flip Zimmerman). 

While not the wacky and weird film I expected, with leads like these and and an accomplished balance of humour and weighty themes, it’s a commendable watch.

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