Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four ★½

I understand that the film we got right here isn’t director Josh Trank’s fault..... and I can tell when I watch it. So much to the fact that I’m surprised I ACTUALLY LIKED this thing when it first came out. 

The only interesting thing about this “film” is its nicely structured origin story. THAT IS IT. The rest of the film is filled to the brim with exposition, indolent ass writing, abysmal special effects, compulsory relationships, feeble characterization (disappointingly), awkward humor and even boredom. It’s crazy that this thing almost has it all when it comes to bad movies. For the most part, not a thing happens here. This is, without a doubt, the most monotonous superhero film I’ve ever watched, and that’s a damn shame. 

Let this be a lesson to future filmmakers: never let a studio interfere with YOUR work and/or vision. My goodness....🤦🏾‍♂️

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