Death by 1000 Cuts

Death by 1000 Cuts ½

I deserve an audience award for making it through this.

This is the type of movie that takes a simple, straightforward plot and turns it into pseudo-intellectal nonsense.

It's about a depressed guy who os hypnotized by his therapist. Through convenient circumstances he comes across a house and saves a girls from being tortured. The girl eventually kills herself and the main character starts to suspect the town has a cult that terrorizes citizens. Turns out he's right and every single person he knew was in on it. We find out the movoe is all about society maaaaaan and how groups of people hold us back bro. Your parents and your therapists just want to mind control you dude.

The film is stylized like David Lynch saw August Underground and decided he wants to purposfully make a shitty movie.

Low budget indie horror is dead. Most horror fans today are incapable of coming up with original ideas and cheap digital photography is 🤢. They use really low quality footage that looks like a VHS sometimes and it's the only time it comes close to creepy. The acting and kill scenes are so poorly done I still just feel like I'm watching some friends make a shit movie.

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