Be Natural ★★★★

ESSENTIAL viewing for anyone interested in film history. Chronicling the astounding career and life of silent film director/tour-de-force Alice Guy-Blaché, the amount of research and time put into this doc is intense, respectable in its own right, and it's all up there on screen.

Beautiful motion graphics, lovely narration by Jodie Foster, and -- with a bit of an archeological mystery-thriller vibe at times -- it's both inspiring and extremely sad to see what Alice accomplished and then her ultimate treatment afterward.

My two critiques are:
- It's a bit long; there's clearly a desire to show a snippet of every asset assembled (and it's hard to fault the filmmakers for wanting to show off the fruits of what was clearly a difficult, time-and-budget-intensive process, even if all of it isn't needed for the film's narrative or pacing).
- The score is fine, but occasionally very odd