De-Lovely ★★★

I have such mixed emotions about this.

On the one hand: the songs and their reimagined performances are absolutely fantastic. I’ve read mixed reactions to Kline and Judd’s performances, but I liked them both. Solid production design & locations.

On the other hand: I do not like the film’s portrayal of Cole’s sexuality and the way Gabriel continually pushes Cole back to Linda and questions his decisions throughout the narrative. I absolutely think (as presented here) that they loved one another, were emotionally committed to each other, and built a fantastic life together as companions. But the queer aspects only exist to be sources of conflict to that “primary” narrative, as opposed to any realized depth or exploration on their own. And since his lyrics clearly have a lot of his life wrapped up in them, his sexuality clearly had a huge impact on his inspiration and work, and I simply would’ve like to see it given equal due.