Spielberg ★★★½

A fascinating look at the man, the history of his career, and his influences. Truthfully, it's really well put together but my three complaints are that:

(1) it doesn't always move chronologically and I sometimes felt a bit lost on which-film-came-first, which isn't a big deal, but sometimes left me wanting or wondering what-influenced-what

(2) Honestly, I wish this was a 3-or-4-part series, because there's a lot of ground not covered that I bet would still be very fascinating to hear about.

(3) Several films are barely touched on, or ignored outright and I bet there are just as many interesting stories to be found in what films Spielberg thinks DON'T work as well, not just the ones that do. Or maybe some were simply trimmed for timing? Whatever the case: Always is completely ignored, Hook is only shown twice, Tintin is only shown once... heck, even though shots from A.I. show up constantly the film itself is barely mentioned.

So it's not the worst problem that I, honestly, just wanted MORE from an already 2.5 hour documentary about 1 person.

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