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  • Just Friends

    Just Friends


    Just ok. Some funny lines and well-shot. But a very cliche, typical gay rom-com with conflict added for no reason other than to HAVE conflict. Also the music choices are atrocious (EDIT: apparently the music in the version we saw theatrically was different from the original screener).

  • Wild Nights with Emily

    Wild Nights with Emily


    Just delightful! Hilarious, well acted for the precise tone / line this film walked, well directed, tender and sweet. Fun!

  • Good Manners

    Good Manners


    A singular vision. Mixing horror and storybook-fantasy, with dashes of lesbian romance and a few musical moments. It was surprising, it was gorgeous (those backgrounds!), it was both familiar and new. I loved it.

  • A Moment in the Reeds

    A Moment in the Reeds


    Quiet & well-acted. Very sexy.

  • Studio 54

    Studio 54


    A very solid, straightforward, glossily-produced doc on the infamous nightclub. Well-made & slick.

  • Cola de Mono

    Cola de Mono


    Fascinating. A tossled mix of 80s American influences on a pair of Chilean brothers, anchored by the two excellent lead performances. Great production design & lighting. Sexy, moody, and leaves the audience to wrestle with ideas that linger long after the credits. Not all of it works (including some very clunky sound editing & an inconsistent overlong 3rd act) but it’s always interesting.

  • Retablo



    This ones tough: a major theme is the danger of toxic masculinity. You know what I’m really not in the mood to watch right now? Unchecked toxic masculinity.

    The story is sad, well-crafted, and interesting; the locations are beautiful.

  • Mario



    Strong, all around. Well-directed, committed acting. Thoughtful, with a very effective finale. Sports!

  • The Cakemaker

    The Cakemaker


    Sensitive and quiet, beautiful and thoughtful. Excellent performances, and interesting plot, and delicious-looking baked goods. A little bit sexy, a little bit sad. I really enjoyed it.

  • Transformer



    Heartfelt and relatable. Great insight into some of the challenges faced the by trans community leading double lives.

  • Tucked



    Excellent acting and a unique LGBT story.

  • Lez Bomb

    Lez Bomb


    Strong acting & confident directing elevate a fairly traditional, but enjoyable, coming out story.