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  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    Thoughtful, funny, emotional... with beautiful cinematography and performances. I can't remember the last film that elicited such a strong SMELL-response from me: it smelled like marsh, and exhaust, and warm pavement, and suntan lotion, with a hint of citrus. Extremely evocative. I loved it.

  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange


    Still very enjoyable. Enjoyable performances, great motion graphics, wacky mirror-effects. Very fun, but I think it's my least-favorite of Marvel's Phase 3 films (which is really a testament to their consistent, quality output at this point).

  • The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin

    The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin


    A charming, interesting, well-made documentary about the life of queer writer Armistead Maupin. Come for the Laura Linney, stay for the archival footage of San Francisco and fascinating interviews.

  • 120 Beats Per Minute

    120 Beats Per Minute


    Powerful, quietly emotional, extremely well acted. Not your typical AIDS drama.

  • The Strange Ones

    The Strange Ones


    The rare ambiguous film that left me frustrated rather than contemplative. Lots of interesting ideas and a lot to discuss/unpack, but I felt a couple parts were TOO obtuse, to the point of unnecessary distraction from the narrative. But it's interesting, and well-made, and certainly a different take on an LGBT narrative. I'd be interested to see what the directors do *after* this.

  • Score: A Film Music Documentary

    Score: A Film Music Documentary


    A well-made, interesting documentary about a topic close to my heart.

    It must've been an extremely tough edit, and overall the team does a really good job taking a million interviews and combining them with the history of the art form to put together a cohesive documentary. While there are a couple missteps (there's too much time spent on related-but-unnecessary neuroscience, and a "forest" metaphor), overall it's very classy, and a great introduction for anyone not immersed in scores.


  • God's Own Country

    God's Own Country


    Quiet, lovely. Landscapes. Sheep.

  • Princess Cyd

    Princess Cyd


    Extremely strong performances. Great script of well-rounded characters. Beautifully shot.

  • The Boss Baby

    The Boss Baby


    Fun! Beautiful animation, fuckin' crazy-weird concept. I enjoyed it!

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    Pretty, cool. Just everything across the board was great.

  • mother!




  • The LEGO Ninjago Movie

    The LEGO Ninjago Movie


    Fun expansion of the world