Midsommar ★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Biggggg load off of my shoulders for finally putting this one behind me. I normally don’t seek out movies like this, but I am grateful for friends who make me want to break out of my comfort zone.

The standout of all this was Dani and Christian’s relationship. Even against this backdrop of absolute craziness, this disjointed interaction of 2 people who are just taking a lazy approach in a relationship to keep some status quo was absolutely real and did not seem acted. I felt the discomfort of Christian just “taking the easy approach” and maybe waiting “until tomorrow” to make some decisions about the future. I felt a grieving Dani spending a LOT of energy worrying about holding together a relationship because it is literally the only this she has left. 

The horrific visual imagery of Dani’s family compared to the otherworldly horror of the Harga is completely different but unsettling nonetheless. 

I think I just wanted more out of the Harga itself. More explanation. I’m glad we finally got an acknowledgement from an Elder that Pelle brought them “new blood” which I guess is why Pelle was sent out of the commune and went to college for 4+ years to do. Fulfill that 1 task.  That was after 2.4  hrs of watching the movie. I wanted more explanation as to why some folks were carved up the way they were, or why Christian was shoved in a real dead bear. ESPECIALLY what was with the dude hanging in the barn like that. But that’s on me.

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