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This review may contain spoilers.

Watched this with my kids, and it’s been a few years since seeing these gem. Christopher Reeve is a force playing his dual-roles. Lex’s old abandon subway secret lair was amazing and I would’ve loved to see it fleshed out even more. Good job by the team to give Lex a “good enough” “power reach” with his supposed money and supposed huge conglomerate company when it was just he, Otis, and Miss Tessmacher stick in a secret lair keeping themselves company. A not so good job by the US Navy for transporting a fully operational nuclear warhead over public highways and backroads only to fall for the ol’ side of the road distraction so Lex could full-on tamper with said. Nuclear. Warhead. 

A keen observation made by my son: Superman never actually fought a “bad guy” per se. He was battling and cleaning up a lot of chaos that Lex caused, but not something that he’s seen yet in his type of superhero-type flick. No big bad. Just a big bad brain. 

He also became very agitated at minute 20 of the opening credits with just words swooshing on the screen. I never really took note but they are some long ass credits. So is the destruction of the world at the hand of Lex’s fault-line missile. 

Even so, it’s a masterpiece. Williams’ score alone. 

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