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  • Xanadu



    What manner of coke-fueled disco fuckery is this?

    I don't think I can craft a coherent, focused review of this movie. Mainly because this is not a coherent, focused movie. It is an unfocused, off-the-rails, disco era odyssey involving animation, ELO, Gene Kelly, neon, effects that feel like a warm-up for "Tron", and roller-skating. Oh, so much roller-skating. It's a bag of cats tossed onto a Tilt-a-Whirl. There's so much WTF in this movie that it's frankly kind of amazing.…

  • Paterson



    I didn't expect much from this movie. I mean, I have enjoyed every other Jim Jarmusch film I have seen. I think he plays on a delightfully low key wave length and his cinematic vibe has become one of my favorites of late. No one makes films like those of Jarmusch, and I love what he does. So I expected to like this as much as those.

    But, still, as much as I've enjoyed every Jim Jarmusch film that I…

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  • Bloodshot



    When I first heard about this movie, I had very little interest. Vin Diesel as a guy who is altered with nano-bots (known here as "nanites") after he's killed so that he is now able to instantly heal from any damage, Wolverine-style, making him the ultimate warrior and immortal and stuff? I felt like I'd already seen this movie. I had certainly seen plenty of variations on this theme. So many that I had no interest in seeing it, only…

  • Outbreak



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    During the pandemic thus far, I'd had no desire to watch this or "Contagion". Some people, I understand, had embraced the pandemic and it had put them in the mood to watch these movies. Personally, watching a movie about a deadly disease during a pandemic didn't sound like escapist fun to me. In fact, it sounded like the opposite. But I was listening to a podcast about "The Thing" which talked about how differently that movie hit during these troubled…

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  • Dunkirk



    There's a tendency of this site to immediately overrate new movies. And I get it. Seeing a film in the theater has a bewitching effect. When you're used to seeing movies on your TV or, God forbid, your tablet, the charge of seeing something projected as large as possible in a big, dark room alone makes a movie a little better. If that movie's even remotely great, then all the better. Letterboxd isn't the only social media site to stoke…

  • The Guest

    The Guest


    Hooptober 2016, Film #3

    The set-up is simple: a man knocks on the door of a family still grieving the loss of their son in a war. The man introduces himself as the friend of their late son and says that their son's last wish was that he come and tell them how much their son loved them, and that his last thoughts were of them. The family, comforted by these words and happy to find some kind of connection…