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  • The Frozen North

    The Frozen North


    As a Buster Keaton fan, I'll admit that this one wasn't as good as his other works and isn't as funny. In my opinion this isn't where Buster is best, he's more technical, he uses amazing sets and has a fantastic use of the camera, this is a more straight forward comedy which doesn't suit his style as much. It's still pretty funny though, I just didn't like it as much

  • Forrest Gump

    Forrest Gump


    Who hasn't actually seen this film? I mean seriously, this is a film that you have to see, no middle ground, no if you're a film fan you have to see it, if you are a human being then you MUST see this film, you are not complete as a person until you do. It is basically the most complete film about, there's comedy, action, romance, tragedy, feel good bits, sad bits, it is just complete. The CGI for the…

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  • The Living Wake

    The Living Wake


    This film was really weird, I like really weird. I probably should have predicted the weirdness as after all it is a film about a man who organises his own wake whilst still alive. It is a lot stranger than I thought, I figured it would be a slightly dark comedy that had a slightly strange plot, but this is full blown strange, and yet it works. It looks really good, for me, I kept thinking that it had a…

  • Ah, L'Amour

    Ah, L'Amour


    a really simple but brilliant short that just works. A 2 minute short, needs to be interesting and well rounded, personally I like short shorts to be a bit experimental and just show technically what a director can do. This does all of those things fantastically. The premise of the film is simple and clear, you don't want a plot of any density for a 2 minute film. It looks beautiful, it has a wonderful animated style that looks like…