Antebellum ½

Flat 1-dimensional characters all around. Some nice shots, and better score, but those couldn't salvage the under-developed characters and paper-thin story, all leading us to a twist that the more you think about the more senseless it becomes.

Given the state of forced race-relations in the US, (See: ) I couldn't stomach this obvious propaganda for a second. The spook quote that opens the piece and is later repeated within the film is the only tell you need: "The past is never dead. It's not even past." First, this comes to us from William Faulkner, and if you wondering why that's a red flag, read pages 5/6 of . Beyond that, just apply logic and definitions to the words. The past by definition is behind us and we can never go back. You will say 'he's making a statement about how the present is constantly informed by the past', and yes but at some point individuals need to not take personally what was done to their ancestors. Mental Health experts encourage us to not take personally everything that happen to us as individuals!

But a film like this, and a psy-op historian's work, only serve to keep people under the shadow of racism (so that you think less about the elitism and corporatism which is pushing the 'hot-topic' of race). This movie was basically saying that the same levels of racism exist today that existed when a rich person could call a human his "property". I wanted to critique more precisely the presentation of the historical period, but I guess that won't work given the twist, but that's fine. I'm tired to thinking about this awful movie.

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