Scarface ★★★½

“Powdered baby laxative was used as the fake substance for cocaine in the film; Pacino's nasal passage was minorly damaged due to snorting large quantities over the course of filming.”

This trivia about the making of Scarface brings to mind several thoughts I have about the film.

Scarface, while straining to be operatic, sometimes feels like the cinematic equivalent of infant diarrhea.

The breakneck cinematic high of vanity and violence makes the three hours move, but in the end, you’re left with no substance and white laxative powder on your nose.

The trivia that Pacino damaged his nasal passages is actually written in code. The blowout scene in the restaurant is the exact moment Overacting Pacino took full control of Al Pacino’s body. Why refer to this as nasal passage damage? Because Pacino shot forward in time straight from yelling, “I ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH, EVEN WHEN I LIE!” to barking, “IF I WERE THE MAN I WAS FIVE YEARS AGO, I’D TAKE A FLAMETHROWER TO THIS PLACE!” in Scent of a Woman.

It’s so clear, if you just think about it.

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