The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★½

For all the great moments, Erica’s evisceration of Zuckerberg in the first scene is probably the best. Every time I watch this film, the notion that this company was born out of Zuckerberg’s bitterness and envy resonates a bit differently, based on the most recent Facebook scandal. So I guess this time Sean Parker is a Russian bot, and Eduardo Saverin is Hillary Clinton? 

Zuckerberg is depicted as living his life with the psychological motivations of a seventh grader, dropping water balloons on the popular kids that won’t accept him, and genuflecting before the popular kid that will. Nobody is that easy to root for, with Parker’s game show host persona, Eduardo’s naivety, and the Winklevoss twins’ Winklevossness. It’s a dark film, about what turned out to be a rather dark company. 

The score is always talked about, but with good reason. It maintains tension throughout, without ever calling attention to itself. David “Can the Contrast Go Any Lower?” Fincher got locked in with Zodiac, burped out Benjamin Button, then found his musical match for this film. Great movie.

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