Zodiac ★★★★½

You know the term that guy? Well, Mark Ruffalo isn’t a that guy. He’s a that face. It’s the face he makes when his partner Anthony Edwards tells him he’s transferring out of the San Francisco Police Department. 

It’s the “No really, I’m totally happy for you, 100%, even though you’re leaving me with Jake Gyllenhaal frantically knocking on my bedroom window at 3 a.m. twice a week, and you’re gonna make me explain this whole Animal Crackers thing to a new partner, and you’re gonna make me go alone to the premier of the new Dirty Harry film that was obviously written just to kick me in the nuts with a steel-toed boot.”

Ruffalo’s the only A-list star that’s cashed a thousand checks based on a look he probably first made when he barfed in Ms. Irby’s fifth grade home room.

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