Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

Just like Llewyn is the cat, I could say we're all Llewyn. We all struggle, may be not to his extent, but we at least sometimes feel like we are about to break down and give up. Llewyn Davis is one of the most relatable characters ever, he's a human being. He digs huge holes he can't get out of. He can't catch a break. He's just existing. It's sad but at some point in life everyone will feel this pain somehow. Because that's life, you know and sometimes life is difficult.

The symbolism, the visual poetry, the layers. Everything has a beyond surface level meaning, even just the subtlest of hints are crucial to the overall meaning of the film. "The cat is Llewyn", Ulysses, the poster at the theatre, Bob Dylan, the friend out back, Mr Grossman, "Where's it's scrotum?", the songs, the final line. Everything has a purpose, it's not fluff, it's all integral to making a layered film.

The acting/characters are perfection. Every character is unique and every single actor owns that character. Every character seems real, every character seems like a person we would've seen in 1960s Greenwich Village. Which brings me to my next point, this is the perfect time capsule. Every piece of clothing, every car, every apartment, every diner, everything in this movie sends you back in time. I believed every second that I was in the 1960s.

The Coen Brothers are my favorite directors of all time, they know what they're doing. They love folk music, they understand the folk scene of that time. And in every scene we get that, the music scenes especially are just jaw dropping. Which reminds me, have you heard this soundtrack? It's one of the greatest soundtracks of all time, every song locks you in with real lyrics, and amazing vocals. Whether you like folk music or not, you cannot deny the sheer brilliance of the soundtrack.

The script is excellent as always from the Coens, bringing together dark comedy, toe tapping songs, and a melancholic bleak tone perfectly. The dialogue is hard hitting and funny and sad, the things these people say takes you through a lot of emotions. And wow that cinematography, it perfectly matched the tone and overall feel to every scene.

Inside Llewyn Davis is my favorite film of all time for good reason, because it's perfect. Everything from a film standpoint is perfect, and not only that but it actually takes you through emotions. It actually makes you want to care for a guy that is screwing up his own life. It makes you wonder a lot of things about your own life. It transcends film, it's art, and it can leave a lasting impression on you if you let it.

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