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  • The Greatest Showman

    The Greatest Showman


    This is not a flawless film, but man I wanted to cry, cheer, and dance at least 500 times each while watching this.

  • Torque



    This is a bad movie. A really bad movie. But there is so much batshit insanity you can’t help but have fun with it.  The pinnacle of a good bad movie.

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  • Arrival



    I never thought I would cry so much at an alien invasion film, nor that a alien invasion film would say more about humanity than any film I may have ever seen, throughout the movie I kept thinking I might have it figured out, but it continued to bend my brain in ways I don't know it's ever been bent before, when this film was over I walked around my apartment talking   to myself literally out loud, explains to myself…

  • Avicii: True Stories

    Avicii: True Stories


    Spectacular. You see someone give their all and then some until they are truly past their breaking point. Honest, real, effective, inspiring and heartbreaking all at once.