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  • The Meg

    The Meg


    Give it up for the foley artists for that dope pop-wheeze when Meg ate the ballwalker. Otherwise, why are people so nonchalant when their BFFs get snacked? Dudes are cracking wise literally five seconds after watching a shark eat their mates. Solid science, though.

  • Kin



    It’s like that Michael Shannon movie about a kid with a mysterious gift/curse driving cross country except instead of glowing eyes, it’s a “ray gun,” and instead of no ending, there’s an over ending.

    Confused as to whether or not I’d prefer to be mildly bored with too many questions, or mildly bored then given all the information. Pick your poison.

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  • Annihilation



    I wouldn't have minded if this were a silent film. The exposition and dialogue either fast-forwarded or dragged unnecessarily.

    Scratch that, a non-speaking film. Sound design was key. I'd totally airbnb in the Shimmer. What a spectacle.

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    From one Damien to another, never stop making movies.

    La La Land simply could have been a big bowl of candy: eye (those leads, though, and stills that get the iPhone wallpaper treatment immediately – just check the promo poster), ear (original score that will infest your head with impossibly catchy ditties), and emotional (love's labours lost in anachronistic LA).

    But it ended up being a real swell piece of cinema. Not a fresh take, nor is it a landmark…