Ritual ★★★★★

I know what this movie made me feel but I’m not sure if I can put it into words at this moment. 

Hideaki Anno’s Ritual feels like a dream, in its tone and cinematography. It feels like a dream of emptiness, loneliness, and the fear of those feelings never going away. 

The filmmaking and direction is brilliant. Some of the most emotionally charged and kinetic camerawork I’ve ever seen. The set design is also incredible and artful. 

This movie explores themes so complex through its 2 main characters. Both of them are so complexly written but all together is explores ideas of how we all find some way to frame or distract our reality. It talks about the fear of being alone, having that emptiness of no fulfilling connection. About how actions done out of fear of losing that connection can often just drive people further away. 

It’s obvious Anno put so much of himself into the main male character. How he doesn’t really know how to form or keep actual relationships going. How he uses filmmaking as a way of expressing himself or to connect to others. There’s such a raw honesty in Anno’s work that just hits home for me. 

Ritual is a masterpiece. This review isn’t doing it justice and I didn’t even touch on all the themes explored in this film. The direction, the cinematography, the editing, all of it isn’t really like anything else I’ve seen before. The writing is honest, it’s filled to the brim with anxiety and sadness, but also optimism. The ending of this film is so pure and satisfying. 

I love it

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