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  • Grease



    Love this film. The message in it is terrible but the songs are catchy and timeless, the acting is fantastic and everyone seems to genuinely be having fun. The story is simple but effective. The chemistry between Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta is extremely apparently.

  • Interstellar



    Uuuughhhhhhh. Okay, so firstly this is a visually beautiful film. Especially if you have the opportunity to see it on the IMAX. That said, with the kind of budget this film has, it would be a major disappointment if it didn't look nice. Outside of the acting that's about the only good thing about this film. The plot is extremely flawed and overly sentimental and it didn't know when to end. Addressing the sentimentality, without spoiling anything I'll just say that the more I see it in films nowadays the more I realise it's killing cinema.

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  • Tamako in Moratorium

    Tamako in Moratorium


    This was a super cute, quirky film. Really funny whilst at the same time reflective. The film is genuine and even though it's cute it keeps itself ground and very real. Really enjoyed it!

  • Snowballs



    Creepy and abstract. This short film finishes before it even have a chance to begin. Maybe that was the point though to capture a mere flash-in-the-pan kind of spontaneity.