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  • Bamboozled



    Shew. So heavy. But funny. But in a guilty uncomfortable embarrassed way... shew. 

    Borrowing themes from Mel Brooks’s The Producers and in typical Spike Lee fashion, this movie is great. The social commentary is obvious and doesn’t need to be elaborated upon in my opinion. There’s so much power in the imagery that it hurts and saddens you. But it also makes you laugh. It can be hard to watch even in the comedic moments. But it’s so worth it. …

  • Local Hero

    Local Hero


    Truly one of a kind. 

    First of all: it looks amazing. Every single scene is beautifully shot, balanced, and picturesque. 
    Next: the humor. As the movie progresses the amount of laughter does too. These characters are quirky and loveable and cracked me up the more I got to know them. Burt Lancaster’s character in particular. So unnecessarily deep and the polar opposite of what you’d expect from a rich Texas oil baron. Hilarious. 
    Then: the story. Everything about it seems…

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  • Repo Man

    Repo Man


    This movie is so punk rock and it has nothing to do with the aesthetics. It’s all in the mood and atmosphere. I love how it never tries any cheap tricks or never follows expectations. Harry Dean arguably at his best. Hilarious dialogue that never lets up. And the weirdness of it all is just a perfect cherry on top. Such a good movie.

  • The Ice Storm

    The Ice Storm


    The parents act like kids and the kids act like parents. It’s scary. 

    The movie was really good. There was a uniquely calm atmosphere that never left despite the chaos happening among the characters. It’s shot beautifully. The acting was absolutely amazing. Each actor was so believable in their respective roles. 

    It was a unique story and it really made me feel a lot. It was sad but understandable. 
    The setting played an important character which I always love. There’s…