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  • Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus

    Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus

    Watch for:

    -Very timely coronavirus advice 

    -epic royalty free trap beats

    -the sole black child being called a punk

    - covidiot talking  dog

    -Daddy Derek telling us to respect covidiot talking dogs opinion on coronavirus

    -sick new cool cat masks that you, yes you, can now buy online

    -every other line of dialogue being recorded on different audio tracks with varying microphone quality 

    - Daddy Derek voicing both cool cat and dirty dog

    - the cliffhanger where dirty dog says he’s going to shoot up a school

    Kino of the highest order

  • The Ralph Handel Story

    The Ralph Handel Story

    It’s not great but it’s worth watching just to see a young Benny Safdie play Arthur Fleck in real life

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  • Hard Eight

    Hard Eight


    Easily my favorite PTA film. I've never been blown away by any of his films but this one really got to me. I love the way he explores paternalism and I love his camerawork and his wit and his characters and really everything.

    Every actor gives a stellar performance, even Phillip Seymour Hoffman who steals the show in his minute of screen-time.

    The character of Sydney will go down as one of my favorites ever. Phillip Baker Hall exudes perfectly delivered suave, mysterious lines and monologues in a way I've rarely seen. Can't wait to check out more of his and PTA's work.

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    It... I.. literally what can I say about this

    Perfect mr Kubrick

    Oh and Solaris was fine but c’mon that was a pretty weak response to this masterpiece