Annette ★★½

The technical aspects were pretty amazing, specifically the production design and cinematography. The boat sequence in particular stood out.

Now for the writing, in which both the musical and character areas was pretty weak. I thought the framework of the story was intriguing, but these characters are so thoroughly uninteresting that the story comes off as nothing special. Same with the music, which was by no means bad, just not well constructed or grand enough to carry a film of this nature. 

Lastly, Driver and Cotillard don’t have any real chemistry as they aren’t given much time together at all. I’m not sure why I was supposed to be invested in this relationship when all that was shown was these two characters individually. This could work, but when they were shown individually their respective over-the-top physical performances distracted from any personal insights. 

Edit: I forgot to mention that the opening number was fantastic, perfectly done in every area

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