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  • Maniac



    ugly & often turgid slasher. naturally i have watched it about a billion times.
    pretty good gore effects.

  • Kate Can’t Swim

    Kate Can’t Swim

    90 grinding minutes of people talking about their feelings.
    the woman in this film is awful.
    & every moment of this feels staged & artificial.
    there isn't a genuine human moment in it, & it climaxes with one of the most ridiculous, contrived scenes i believe i've ever seen.

    i don't hate many movies. most are average, and they pass quickly in and out of my head. the special ones stick around. & the bad ones stick around for the unique ways they grind…

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  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    the only negative comments i have will be dispelled with first:
    - i found some of the double-images seen in the background or foreground on occasion just a bit distracting, especially in the early going.
    - i would have liked it if the other spider people, particularly noir, could have got just a touch more attention.

    i'd heard in advance that this film was the best attempt yet at trying to bring the actual feel of a comic book to…

  • Unleashed



    this is definitely the best 'woman's pets become people and they date' movie i've ever seen.