The Panic in Needle Park

The Panic in Needle Park ★★★★

note at 49m: nothing causes me as much anxiety in movies as watching characters work as waiters/waitresses and fail at dealing with customers. i feel that because i'm a person who struggles with doing simple things all the time. makes me feel bad.
there's a lot of misplaced nostalgia out there, no? sure seems to me that people have some fantastical notions that somehow vast numbers of people were much better off in america (& canada) 50 years back.

this really isn't so. at least not as far as i understand it. that was a time of rising crime and crippling inflation and incredible turmoil. awful stuff. cities truly were crumbling.

things feel wobbly now. i'm worried, absolutely.

but we'll have to go a long way before things will be as ugly and grim as they were in 1970s urban america.

anyway, great movie. very very very bleak, but a pretty true portrait of a time and place.

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