The Favourite ★★★★

1) Olivia Colman is hysterical. Rachel Weisz is radiating BDE*. Emma Stone is mostly fine, occasionally really good, but always feels a step behind the other two.

2) Another entry in the YLICTACU**

3) Does a great job of signaling the decadence and absurdity of that lifestyle while still having stakes that felt real.

4) Similar to The Lobster in that everyone is miserable but hilarious and the monotony of their lives are occasionally disturbed by stylized violence or cruelty.

5) Emma Stone giving a dead-eyed handjob to the guy while absent-mindedly discussing her revenge plot is the perfect summary of the movie: entertain the men enough to distract them with a false sense of power while women move the real chess pieces around the board.

*First and last time using the term BDE.

**Yorgos Lanthimos is cruel to animals Cinematic Universe.

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